Watney Shoes is in the heart of one of London’s most diverse, multi-cultural and developing boroughs of Tower Hamlets. Located at the very popular Watney Market, Watney Shoes is known to sell a wide range of footwear and accessories. Watney Market was once one of the East End’s biggest and most popular street markets and to date is known to attract many consumers from all walks of life.

Established in 2012 Watney Shoes has built up an unrivalled reputation of serving the local community for over 10 years with comfortable and affordable shoes. Watney Shoes welcomes a great variety of comfort, every day, special occasion, parties, safety and a wide range of shoes. From all age and sizes, style and both gender. At Watney Shoes we believe style shouldn’t demand a huge investment of time or money. Style should be comfortable, accessible and easy to achieve. That’s why our footwear feels as good as it looks, effortlessly taking you from the boardroom to the restaurant, from the gym to a party, from your local shop to a wedding, or a stroll to the park with your family.

With over a hundreds of styles available to purchase in-store and online, Watney Shoes has created a retail environment that encourages you to browse at your leisure, with quality, comfortable and affordable footwear. From variety of heels, pumps, to smart shoes, to jelly shoes, to sandals, to flip flops to loafers. Watney Shoes has it all!

With over 8 years of experience, Watney Shoes promises great customer satisfaction as quality is our motto. We intend to grow as a business and full fill all customers’ needs to the highest level.

Great comfort, great price, we are Watney Shoes, make yourself look good!

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